How can Brands Successfully Cater to the Needs of Both Millennials and Gen Z?


India’s young audience is a vibrant ensemble of individuals who are aggressive consumers, pervasive, instantaneous, and tech-savvy. They are an attractive are an attractive proposition for brands to target. The rapid fall in attention spans garnering the loyalty of this digital-first and young audience segment has become a challenging affair. The traditional advertising and marketing no longer provide the same stimulus to such an audience base.

Millennials have lived through the transition of offline and online world while the Gen Z was born as a digital-first generation. Millennials appreciate stability and they are often single career-focused, while Gen Z feel life is too short to live on one track.

The diverse daily conversations that the digital audiences generate, allowing further and more granular segmentation within. This also reflects the opportunity to audiences through influencers. They are one of the fastest growing media categories in terms of spends and reach. They are also having a platform just like publishers. It is in this way marketing is impacting the cultural nuances of the society.

It is apparent that both generations are avid social media users, and the feeling of connection that social media creates is well enjoyed by both. However, the ways they best receive those feelings of connection vary.

Millennials feel most connected through the more traditional sharing, pinning, and forwarding; Predominantly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gen Zers have had social media at their fingertips for the majority of their lives and, as a result, they consume more media on fewer platforms. This group is very visual and prefers rapid consumption, mainly through Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.

Millennials prefer the more traditional social media platforms and sharing techniques, because they’re easy ways to feel seen and heard. Brands can leverage this in their customer journeys through interaction: asking consumers questions, encouraging them to communicate in comments sections, and more. This creates a space where Millennials feel valued and contributes to their attitude that a brand can better their lives on a deeply personal level.

Gen Z’s short attention span makes their marketing needs exclusively geared toward them. Cut to the chase and get down to benefits of the product — this is the best way to reach them on their preferred social platforms. Utilizing influencers for brand marketing is an effective way to connect to this audience. With 10-second Instagram stories and #sponsored posts, brands can use their preferred social platforms to connect in a unique way that feels authentic to Gen Z.


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