How Conversational AI is lending depth to brand engagement


From integrating voice tech in businesses to improving and enhancing customer experiences, voice technology is becoming a serious contributor to bringing digital transformation to the country. A unanimous opinion on these lines was shared by industry stalwarts at a conference titled Voice for Bharat, 2022, organized by the net and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

The discussion on ‘Conversational AI (CAI) and its Future Applications’, was moderated by Sabiha Khan, Executive vp, WATConsult. The panelists included: Nandkishore Purohit, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, IIFL Prajakta Rathe, AVP – Digital Marketing, MyGlamm Urvashi Singh, Director of Sales – India, Verloop Introducing the subject under discussion, Sabiha Khan said, “Conversational AI allows you to speak to a digital interface resulting in greater utility in how we interact with machines.” Speaking on what’s meant by Conversational AI and its relevance within the context of Bharat, Nandkishore Purohit noted, “It is usually better to begin with the basics, very importantly, of the subject of the word which has been used, reused over years.

 Conversational AI could be a combination of a word called language processing in association with various software, which might be chatbox, voice assistants likewise as ideas. The basic thing in Conversational AI is that the word AI, which again has been used, misused, and reused. It’s a technology that’s accustomed make life simple for a user, no matter the industry and regardless of the utilization case because we all know the language, the way we behave across platforms, and that we have our persona.

What marketers do is that they fight to know the persona, create proverbs and take a look at to surmise us in their way. What conversational AI helps is that it doesn’t create any proverbs. Whatever one is and needs, it tries to grasp it, without asking one to vary as a consumer. It doesn’t want one to follow a path as a consumer. The buyer tells what they require and it does the whole calculation, entire thinking and provides the summation.”

On the various forms of Conversational AI, Urvashi Singh said, “Conversational AI combines NLP with chatbot’s voice systems to assist customers to urge support and interact in spoken communication or transcription. If i’m reaching out as a customer vis-a-vis if you’re reaching resolute the identical company as a customer, the experience of both folks would be very similar in terms of the conversation that we will have with the traditional chatbot.” 

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