How Dineout is using technology to transform the restaurant industry?


The impact of technology in our lives is more than ever now. Now the restaurants and foodservice industry has come up with a new face with the advancement in technology. It has changed the way Indians consume food.

Dineout, India’s largest dining out and Restaurant tech platform turned up with an innovative technology to ease the consumers in deciding which restaurants to go to. Here the key problem that the company tried to address is the difficulty that consumers face while deciding which restaurants to go even after checking reviews of multiple restaurants at various platforms and checks with friends or family.

By taking into consideration factors such as preferred cuisine, the size of the dish ordered, the time of day/week/month the user goes out to eat, preferred discounts and offers, etc the company understands what the customer wants while dining out, and then gives recommendations. This would help the company to offer customized and tailor-made services to the customers.

For example, once they know a person is a wine drinker or wheat beer drinker, the next time when he walks in, the company could give them an offer of having a free wine with pasta or pizza.

How does technology help?

The latest technology helps the company to understand user data and delivers insights on the kind of restaurants people like to visit, how to help them get connected to the right restaurant, and make a reservation to in-restaurant payments.

Apart from this Dineout also has a B2B restaurant platform, inResto, which offers a cost-effective, Valet- to-Valet, plug & play product suite, which is a one-stop solution for managing a restaurant from anywhere.

Dineout creates campaigns for the restaurants which will help them to get more repeat customers and improve their revenue. Also by automating a lot of operations, the company could optimize its cost and improve the bottom-line.

Since the majority of the restaurant operations are manual where they depend on lots of vendors for obtaining raw material, packaging groceries and all, the usage of machine learning techniques will help the company to predict when the restaurant will run out of inventory management and thereby make orders in time.


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