Cisco brings digitization to Brazil: Case Study


Cisco has vastly expanded its CSR programs over the last several years. They focus on various global communities to facilitate job creation and skills training while simultaneously engaging in proper disaster response and non-profit partnerships among several others. Of particular note is the Country Digital Acceleration or CDA program where they partner with a countries leadership, industries, and academia to make a big beneficial difference to the nation’s digitization movement. In late May of this year, Cisco began a full-scale CDA program in Brazil.

Their Investment in the country is known as Brasil Digital e-Inclusion was established with a memorandum of understanding between Cisco and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Communication (MCTIC). Cisco has immense experience in this area, both in Brazil and 33 other countries, with several successful partnerships and hundreds of individual success stories. Now they are focusing all their expertise and technological advancements into a specific goal, to boost IT skills development and digital transformation in the entirety of the country. Some specific industries that they will focus on are agriculture, cybersecurity, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and public safety

The first part of the plan involves building an intelligent platform that helps facilitates accelerated development. This is done through the new National Science. Technology, Innovation System Monitoring Platform. Second programs will prepare the digital network in Brazil to defend itself against Cyber Attacks. New and existing students will be trained in how best to thwart possible cyber-attacks while modifying policies related to threat detection, threat prevention, and Data Analytics.

Cisco is also going to try and expand into the rural population by developing an ‘Experience Centre’ a physical facility that is entirely focused on promoting ‘Industry 4.0’ techniques providing training in adopting next-gen manufacturing technologies while driving innovation. The students here will be given training on how to practically use their new-found knowledge and increase productivity in every field.

Covid-19 relief and recovery are not ignored and they are offering advanced analytics-based solutions to all the ailing institutes especially healthcare. Telehealth, automated, and personalized healthcare advice and the necessary infrastructure to support the same are being built on Cisco’s Dime.

Digitization is an important step in any developing country. In India, the digital consumer and professional market expanded rapidly in the last 3 years when Jio introduced extremely low internet prices. Since then India has become a global Interest to any company that wants to work on the internet, India was already a major player here but the cheap internet just made a big difference in a short period of time. With Cisco’s efforts, Brazil is looking to enact a similar rapid change. CSR in Cisco is focused on long-term partnerships and the future looks very bright for both Brazil and Cisco


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