How tech firms are using AWS cloud to sustain its business?


Companies in different countries are leveraging Amazon Web Services Inc.‘s network to create goods that can support the global response to COVID-19, and today the cloud giant shared information on some of its customers’ initiatives.

Brain Corp. is a San Diego robotics startup funded by more than $150 million in financing. The business, which manages internal workloads on AWS, provides software that allows floor-cleaning vehicles and other equipment to run independently. Companies using their applications have access to a cloud-based analytics tool that they can use to track how well their computers do.

Brain Corp. is financed by Qualcomm Projects and the SoftBank Vision Fund. SoftBank Robotics makes Whiz, an automatic vacuum cleaner with Whiz Link software to provide data analytics to validate its success and increase its quality. BrainOS is also used in robotics technology from Tennant, Minuteman, Karcher, and more.

The organization saw the use of its autonomy software increase by 24 percent in the second quarter and it is also being used in other areas, including hospitals. “The organization is providing $1.6 million worth of robots and resources during COVID-19 to allow critical companies to provide a robot cleaning service free of charge,” stated Matt Garman, AWS Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Another AWS client, iViu Technologies Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, is designing advanced wireless location sensors for customers such as supermarkets. Card-deck-sized sensors were initially intended to monitor the activity of retailers, but have since launched another application: allowing organizations to verify how well social distances are being followed.

Elenium Automation Pty Ltd., based in Australia, designs check-in kiosks for airport operators, hospitals, and many others. AWS ‘Garman clarified that using the Cloud Giant Speech and Facial Recognition technologies, the company has developed apps that allow users to sign in without the need to make physical contact with their kiosks. Elenium systems may also capture biometric data, such as body temperature.

AWS users are moving up, using the cloud to build and launch new applications that can help a vast amount of people escape infection, Garman said. Their contributions are vital to get everyone across some of the toughest impacts of COVID-19 and to train us to cope with potential outbreaks of disease.


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