How Poste Italiane built an application network based on Red Hat’s cloud hybrid portfolio


Red Hat reported that Poste Italiane is developing an application network focused on Red Hat’s cloud hybrid portfolio. The network seeks to cultivate further and deeper interactions with ecosystem partners and provide the Group’s 35 million consumers with a more streamlined user service. Poste Italiane, as part of its 5-year growth project, seeks to strengthen operations for its 125,000-strong workforce, provide greater value to its customers through improved products and act as a center for digital innovation. With Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud solutions, we have been able to build a stable, high-performance infrastructure that allows us to be more receptive to, however unforeseen, demands and to provide customers with the best possible experience and opportunities, “said Mirko Mischiatti, Chief Digital, Technology and Operations Officer, Poste Italiane. The Community implemented a modular microservice architecture and implemented agile operating principles, including DevOps. Poste Italiane has selected Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s largest enterprise network Kubernetes, as a popular business base, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the hybrid cloud backbone.

Poste Italiane has partnered with Red Hat Consultancy on the design, deployment, and management of the Red Hat OpenShift framework. Poste Italiane has introduced Red Hat Runtimes, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, and Red Hat Ceph Storage to enable the rapid creation of cloud-based applications. Poste Italiane uses Red Hat AMQ (part of Red Hat Integration) to connect heterogeneous systems, data, and computers, and Red Hat Process Automation to speed up the workflow of financial services provided across its digital networks. The Group will now introduce new technologies to the market in 2-4 months compared to 6-12 months previously. The success of its latest strategy has helped Poste Italiane expand its digital consumer base from 1.3 million regular online users in 2017 to 2.6 million regular online users as of June 2020, with digital purchases rising by 64% following the COVID-19 emergency.

“The reach and size of Poste Italiane’s digital transformation are impressive: gear up a group-wide open hybrid cloud, switch to collective work and DevOps and go all-in to cloud-based apps in a short time,” said Ashesh Badani, Senior Vice President, Cloud Services, Red Hat.


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