Voda-Idea could be supported by Amazon & Verizon


The largest wireless carrier in the U.S., Verizon Communications, revived a dialogue with Amazon.com Inc. about purchasing Vodafone Idea Ltd’s stock as it struggles for more than $4 billion.

While the product of the Supreme Court case on the weaving of government fees by holding back the stake sale negotiations. As people have said, there is no guarantee that Vodafone Concept will thrive. Based on the decision of Tuesday, the Supreme Court has given 10 years to repay a total of Rs 1.4 trillion dues, which will allow them to resume negotiations.

Although it is difficult for Vodafone Concept to collect funds to pay the government fees for spending money to improve their network, which is a process that has been halted due to lack of funds. After integrating all the telecommunications, Vodafone Idea alone has to pay about Rs 50,400 more to the government for licensing fees, interest, fines, and also for spectrum use charges.

Besides, the company was faced with a loss of about Rs 25,460 by the June Quarter itself, and this occurred primarily because of the one-time costs, which also included the payment owed to the government. However, Mint announced that the talks were resumed to take care of financial and strategic investors, as per the company’s senior officials. On Tuesday late night, Vodafone Idea announced that they would hold a meeting of the Board on 4 September to discuss ideas for fundraising.

Amazon already has a huge influence on the Indian market, though Verizon also has a high degree of media and internet exposure to Oath Inc. in India. Verizon has also collaborated with Bharti Airtel Ltd in the past and most recently in July when it launched BlueJeans video conferencing services to Indian customers.

Google is also willing to buy about 5% of Vodafone Idea’s shareholdings this year, as stated by the Financial Times. However, after that Google has invested some Rs 4.5 billion in the rival network Jio and would have a big effect on rivals as Jio-Facebook-Google partnered together, said Telcom and Technology analysts.

According to the Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority, as in May, Jio had received an additional customer of approximately 3.7 million, while Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea had lost subscribers of approximately 4.7 million. By selling about 25.24% of shares, Reliance will raise Rs 1.18 trillion, which includes all digital assets in the Reliance sector, where investors are Facebook, Google, Qualcomm, and some other private equity companies since April.


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