How to buy technology that lasts?


Nothing is more powerful than technology. Each invention and its innovation have created a revolution in history. Now, we can carry technology in our hands. Even distance doesn’t matter anymore because of how we can stay digitally connected.

Every day a new technology is introduced and we keep ourselves updated by disposing of the previous devices or networks we had for a new one. However, during this lockdown, we are forced to live with a budget. Spending habits have reduced tremendously and so should our technologies.

We are unaware of the fact that most of the technologies we dispose of can last longer than we bargained for. Let’s say a phone, we change it every 6 to 18 months, but if we care about it well and repair the damages we can use it for 2.5 years. So are every other device. The connection of wires and cables within a device or machine or program never expires thus, it can last as long as the repairing is done and handled intact.

Though the pandemic has caused a serious downfall in our lives, the environment has started to bloom. It is reviving back its energy and making the world a better place again. As humans what we can do apart from recycling the waste non-degradable wastes such as plastics is to use gadgets for a longer duration of time. It may have escaped our notice but electronic waste is equally as harmful as plastic. The simple fact that plastic can be reused and electronic waste can’t is terrifying. A dump house of e-waste can cause serious damage to our environment because of the radiation they contain and also the non-degradable items used to make it.

A few tips to make the technology to buy last.

  • Buy gadgets or electronics that is worth the money and live longer
  • Make sure you buy electronics that can be repairable at any time.
  • Devices like phones, tab, computers, or laptops must contain sufficient storage. Don’t fall for the thin body because it hinders the ability to upgrade the RAM, and in some cases storage.
  • Update your systems with software that can provide long-lasting advantages.
  • Finally, don’t buy products that are not just strong on the software part but also the hardware side as well.

We can make a sustainable development by reusing what can be used for long and long.


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