How Visa is using its ‘cashless confidence’ campaign to promote


The epidemic, along with the government’s initiatives to digitise the economy, has resulted in a tremendous increase in cashless transactions in India. According to an RBI analysis, the country’s payment systems grew by 26.2 per cent in volume during 2020-21, following a 44.2 per cent increase the previous year.

Visa’s ‘cashless confidence’ campaign, which was started in 2020, has been promoting the digital payments ecosystem as customers accept novel methods to pay.

The payment processor has just released the latest TVC in the series, titled “The Blissful One,” which was created by Publicis APAC and adapted for the Indian market by Wieden + Kennedy India to encourage consumers to abandon their cash habits and embrace Visa.

Sujatha V Kumar, the brand’s head of marketing, recently spoke with e4m about the campaign, its media approach, and how it may help the country’s digital transactions flourish. Following are edited passages.

According to Kumar, Visa began its digital payments campaign in India in 2020 intending to support the government’s cashless objective. “We proceeded with this comprehensive marketing effort in 2021-22 to promote Visa India’s core goals of boosting contactless and e-commerce payments,” she continues.

Due to health concerns and India’s lengthy lockdown period, the need to transition from cash to cashless became a need for customers throughout the epidemic. This shift is continuing after the lockout, with customers more willing to try alternative payment methods.”

‘The Blissful One is made up of three independent videos that depict e-commerce and face-to-face payment scenarios that link ordinary instances where using cash is inconvenient compared to paying with Visa, which is fast, secure, and comfortable.

The first two videos, ‘Forgetful One’ (showing the Tap to Pay by Phone modality) and ‘Tired One’ (showing the Click to Pay modality), were published earlier this year by Wieden + Kennedy’s global team.

“We launched the film ‘Blissful One,’ which shows how the Tap to Pay by Card modality is a more comfortable method to pay,” Kumar says.

The campaign intends to encourage consumers to choose Visa over cash by demonstrating that Visa offers a quick, safe, and simple method to pay, as well as pushing individuals to break their cash habit by highlighting the drawbacks of cash and the advantages of paying digitally on the Visa network.”

“At Visa, we construct a data-driven marketing plan,” Kumar says, expanding on the digital strategy. We determine audiences, appropriate frequency, and media touchpoints and thresholds using proprietary Visa technologies across online and offline media channels.

Our digital approach is then adjusted to achieve this common goal. Digital media is structured specifically for this campaign to increase reach and product awareness. YouTube, all Indian OTT platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Programmatic are among the channels chosen.

To ensure frequency and memory, these channels are backed with digital obstacles and rich media advertisements.”

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