Mankind Pharma launches Docflix an OTT platform for Doctors


Docflix-Art meets Science on Mankind Pharma’s new OTT platform for Doctors

New Delhi, India, May 18th, 2022 – Mankind Pharma, one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies in India, has announced the launch of Docflix – an OTT platform only for Doctors. The platform will have 20 different shows on varied subjects, a few shows include Science simplified, Legend inside the white coat, Stitch in time, Cardio Unflip, Digital for doctors, Medico-legal Cases in India, Vantage point and much more.

Leading expert doctors in the Cardiovascular space have already partnered with Mankind to build reliable and authentic content that helps Doctors in taking clinical decisions faster and thereby aid in reducing the cardiovascular mortality rate in the country (Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality in India.

There are several platforms for Doctors to deliver routine content, however, with changing times content delivery formats have become redundant and repetitive. Also, doctors have limited time in our country considering the large gap of doctor to patient ratio. Considering this Mankind pharma is taking conscious steps to deliver engaging scientific content created by doctors specialised in their fields, in short, video formats.

Along with building scientific content through the expert team of doctors, Mankind pharma has also hired the National Institute of Design pass-outs team to ensure the best representation of data and figures, directors and scriptwriters who can weave science into a story to deliver the message in fun and engaging way. On the technology, side team is building an AI-enabled personalized interface to deliver individual experiences on the platform. Technological innovations are aimed to deliver convenience to consume content.

Announcing the launch, Dr Sanjay Koul, Senior President India Business, Mankind Pharma said, “We are happy to announce our launch in the Digital HCP engagement space with Docflix. It is a new age OTT platform with a wide range of scientific content tailored to various practice needs of Doctors. Design, Story and Convenience are 3 strong pillars of the platform that will deliver unique, authentic and reliable scientific content. 

Mr Atish Majumdar, President of India Specialty Business, Mankind Pharma said, “One of the greatest disruptions that the pandemic has caused is the way we, as humans, have perceived Learning. Docflix is but a manifestation of Mankind’s understanding of the new definition of learning and is meant to be a platform that will not only present the best of medical science but also delve into the art behind the science. With Docflix, we at Mankind, envision a New Age Global Knowledge Platform that will be a humble partner in the learning journey of all our Doctors. The platform is launched by the newly set up Digital team at Mankind under the guidance of Mr Rinkesh Shah, Head – Digital The new team brings in a plethora of experience in the HCP engagement space and has overseen the growth of the Doctor platforms space in India and Asia in the last decade. The team is uniquely equipped to deliver on the promise.” 

Mr Rinkesh Shah said, “It’s important that scientific content is simplified and made interesting for Doctors to consume in a short time. The need for continuous education for Doctors is very high and thus we at Mankind are committed to making this journey of Doctors convenient and engaging. We aim to offer an uncompromised world-class quality experience with reliable scientific content from Indian and Global experts and a platform enabled with the latest technology in the OTT space.”

With the launch of Docflix, the company is committed to bringing world-class content and technology to Indian Doctors under the parent umbrella of Mankind pharma. The new vertical will add to the commitment of the company to “serving life” and ensure to put knowledge first for Indian doctors. 

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