HP unveils the most intelligent VR headset


Virtual Reality helps to bridge the gap between technology and the real world. It creates an interactive platform to look at how people react with technology and the environment. Over this pandemic situation, lots of changes have been evolved. More precisely in the style of working and learning. The way people interact with one another has been shifted to a virtual platform like Virtual workplace, Virtual Classroom, etc.

The partial contribution of effective communication depends on body language and facial expression. Working in a remote place or communicating only via applications cannot bring out 100% effective communication. The real-time human insights seem to be insufficient here. To overcome this gap, the world’s most intelligent Virtual Reality headset was introduced by HP Inc.

HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition VR headset helps to enhance the outcomes of training and education. The VR headset enables real-time human insights that help in improvising training and helps in improvising collaboration and design.HP Omnicept Solutions focuses on creating personalized services and VR experiences for enterprises. It equips VR software developers to build an ecosystem for providing such user personalized services with the help of Virtual Reality Technology.

According to statistics, 25% to 30%  of the workforce is expected to be working from home in 2021. Henceforth new tools are required for the betterment of workflows. HP is working on these lines to curate more human and personal experiences with technology. It is believed that the HP Omnicept solution will launch new possibilities in the field of Virtual Reality development. It aims at generating user-centric experiences with the help of a data-driven approach thus creating a massive impact on remote education, enterprise training, research, and development.

In terms of security, the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition is protected by a highly secured pipeline. It safeguards end-user privacy. An intriguing thing is that the VR headset does not store captured data. Instead, the headset’s firmware safeguards the sensor data that has been captured at every moment. The user data which are collected will be kept confidential complying to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Highlights of the VR headset include sensors for eye tracking, pupilometer, heart rate, face camera which actually assists in receiving physiological responses. The data is then interpreted with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms. The interpreted result is used to generate a user-centric VR experience which in turn provides insights about user engagement during the experience.


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