ICICI Lombard launches new features to boost health insurance portfolio


India’s private health insurers cover just 18% of the nation’s urban population and a little bit of about 14% in rural areas, according to a PWC report titled “Covid-19: Impact on the Indian Insurance Industry”. For a nation of over a billion people, these numbers are true indicators of medical insurance coverage.

During this pandemic time, it has not only affected the people’s psyche but along with that it also introduced new difficulties to health insurance organizations, for example, product advancement and claims payout. In an ongoing promotion, ICICI Lombard, the general insurance company, says it has re-designed its medical insurance portfolio and presented new arrangements for remembering COVID – 19 in mind.

The advertisement first shows how the infection or virus has adjusted the manner in which we associate with individuals: Make sure that hands are clean before letting anyone enter the homes, keep up proper social distancing, and to clean and shower directly after we enter our homes. The second piece of the promotion clarifies how the brand’s new offerings: tele-consulting a doctor 24×7, online prescriptions request & delivery, and insurance for treatment benefited at home, will let you restart your life on the correct way.

For example, if a consumer is reluctant to visit a doctor, ICICI Lombard’s tele-consult facility empowers her to look for expert medical guidance on the telephone itself including getting an e-solution that can be ordered on the web.

Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director of ICICI Lombard General Insurance: On the lockdown relaxations, consumers are in need to restart life but hesitating to do so. At ICICI Lombard, they understand this ‘new typical’ circumstance and have accordingly reoriented themselves by presenting important answers for their clients. Their new campaign that features new-age benefits which re-assures clients that by following all safety conventions and outfitting themselves with our medical insurance arrangements, they can proceed and #Restart Right.

Talha Bin Mohsin and Mahesh Parab, Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Mumbai: The new norms have brought with new uncertainties that have left us with a lot of unanswered questions. They as a whole are attempting to comprehend the new scope of rules and regulations. But even in these testing times, they needed to tell individuals that ICICI Lombard has appropriately altered its services to enable its clients to adjust to the new norms, seamlessly. While the world anticipates a restart, their new medical insurance solutions are here to make it right.


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