Robotics prevents the spread of infectious diseases: Robotics Technology


The advent of Robotics technology has affected and keeps on impacting each part of our work and life. In the hour of emergency actuated by COVID-19, the innovation is as of now conveying improved ability, making it a powerful asset in fighting the pandemic. Preceding the emergency, robots basically intended to expand human errands. The current pandemic has unquestionably disrupted worldwide financial activities. But has opened areas for new technological development. Robots can be used in helping individuals to manage such a crisis successfully as they can bring down human-to-human contact.

During the Ebola flare-up in 2015, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation sorted out workshops and they identified three-wide zones where Robotics can make difference– clinical care, such as telemedicine and purification; logistics include delivery and handling of contaminated waste; and observation e.g., checking consistence with deliberate isolates.  These applications are as yet being investigated in the COVID-19 pandemic, with presenting another zone ‘continuity of work and maintenance of socioeconomic functions’.

Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) is an organization that performs research and spreads open-source plans for clinical supplies. This organization gives a curated open-source structure library and direction to help locals groups inadequately sorting out manufacture and dissemination endeavors to satisfy the local need for COVID-19 supplies. Shaped in March 2020, OSMS has united a worldwide system of in excess of 70,000 creators, fabricators, network coordinators, and clinical experts cooperating to address the remarkable difficulties of clinical gracefully causing by the flare-up of COVID-19.

Robotics can be a viable instrument in diagnosis and screening. It can perform temperature estimation in open zones and ports of the section, constraining the spread of the infection. While screening system utilizes robotized camera frameworks to screen various individuals at the same time in enormous zones, implanting warm sensors and vision algorithms portable robots can boost the efficiency and coverage of screening. The new generation’s macro to micro-scale robotic systems could help explore high-hazard regions by constantly screening and sanitizing high-contact surfaces. These robots can let free clinical staff in medicinal services habitats avoid contact with patients of irresistible ailments by interfacing them from far away with their patients, verbally, and outwardly.


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