IDFC Mutual fund comes with a movie #DeshKaNivesh


In a world where stuffed with investment takes place, an advisor, likewise as a distributor, plays a vital role that helps in facilitating the investor’s journey across financial freedom.

Within the open-end fund industry, countless advisors and distributors are covering every part of the state. And over the previous couple of years through all ups and downs caused by the COVID -19 pandemic, they continued to convey uninterrupted services to the shoppers.

This fifteen of August IDFC investment trust welcomes the spirit of those ‘investment angels’ by launching a movie, #DeshKaNivesh, showing the most important of economic advisors and distributors partners within the lives of consumers across the entire nation.

According to Gaurab Parija- Head of Sales and Marketing at IDFC AMC, “Just as we take advice by an inside designer after we look to style our homes. The roles and responsibility of the financial advisors and distributors in helping plan our financial journey is that the utmost key, for us to reaching the goals and eventually achieve financial freedom”.

“Also, an open-end investment company as an investment product has reached at every corner of the state, gratitude towards the tireless efforts of our distributor’s partners. On this Fifteen of August, by this video, IDFC fund pays a tribute towards the advisory and distribution partners of investment company business who power the financial independence of India’s investors”, Parija said.

Arun Fernandes – CEO of hotstuff medialabs, said “The society of monetary investors is connected to the entire world of investors across India. The fil is that the good way to admire their efforts.”

The film #DeshKaNivesh by The IDFC fund, not just featuring investors from various countries across the country, but also shows the investors of various age groups in varied situations of life. Within the eight-scene movie, IDFC open-end fund shows how appropriate guidance can truly change the lives of investors.

 The film #DeshKaNivesh by IDFC open-end investment company shows the result of trusting your financial advisors and distributors within the investment journey. The film is live to tell the tale in all the IDFC fund social media platforms.

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