“If I don’t try entrepreneurship now, I’ll ….; Ashish Bhasin


“If I don’t try entrepreneurship now, I’ll never be able to do it” says Ashish Bhasin, RD&X Network. Ashish Bhasin has been named co-founder and chairman of RD&X Network, worldwide advertising, and marketing transformation firm. About six months ago, Bhasin left Dentsu, where he had worked for 13 years as APAC CEO and India chairman.  

ReBid, unified marketing, and advertising automation platform were recently released by RD&X Network. It provides end-to-end unified workflow, data harmonization, and real-time reporting using AI-based algorithms. It covers more than 98 percent of relevant global digital ad spending, allowing marketers to recover control and prepare for a world without cookies. 

Q: What prompted you to embark on this business venture?  

A: This will be my first entrepreneurial enterprise after 34 years of working. Advertising, in my opinion, will become more platform-driven in the future. That’s where the growth will come from adtech, martech, and AI and machine learning.  

India is well-positioned to become a global leader in this field. We have a strong understanding of markets, brands, and high-quality talent, particularly in technology, which the rest of the world lacks. It may take some time, but the ability to do so exists. 

Q: You could work for any network in the world if you wanted to. Why do you want to go into business for yourself right now?  

A: I’ve been in the corporate sector for 34 years, but I’ve only worked for two companies: Lintas for 20 years and Dentsu for 14 years. I’ve spent a lot of my professional life in high-ranking jobs. I don’t know when I’ll be able to take this entrepreneurial step if I don’t do it now. I’m 57 and about to turn 58, and I don’t think I’ll be able to take this step if I don’t do it now. 

Q: Can you tell us how this new position will differ from your previous one at Dentsu?  

A: Being a part of a startup versus being a part of a large, established community can be extremely different. When you establish a business, you’ll be in charge of everything from maintaining balance sheets to cleaning restrooms. It’s critical to roll up your sleeves and do whatever the company requires. A built-in structure has techniques, departments, and numerous sources. By comparison, startups have a limited number of resources. For example, while our firm currently employs around 50 people, I formerly managed a team of over 10,000 people. In all types of businesses, the rules of business remain the same, but the approach, scale, agility, and pace vary.  

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