We’re aiming for significant B2B footprint in order to expand: Gupta Puneet


Edelweiss Private Wealth is one of India’s most rapidly expanding wealth management organisations. New Age Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Family Offices, CXOs, and Corporate Treasuries are among its clients. The organisation provides a wide range of personalised services tailored to the demands of its consumers. Their primary goal is to raise client knowledge of industry advances, assist them in understanding the available options, and gently guide them toward the products and services that best meet their needs.

Edelweiss recently launched a new digital campaign called “Don’t Waste” to advertise and market their wide range of services. Invest.’ (‘Fizool kharch taalo,’ ‘Fizool kharch taalo,’ ‘Fizoo ‘Invest kar daalo,’ says the narrator. The ad aims to raise brand recognition and encourage people to save and invest. The campaign will target ten to twelve cities, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.

Puneet Gupta, Edelweiss Wealth Management’s Digital Business & Marketing Head – Personal Wealth, spoke to Adgully about how the company is using technology and digital to develop equity and expand their footprint by delivering a variety of services.

Today, every reputable financial institution is vigorously selling its wealth management services. What are some of the ways Edelweiss Wealth Management is attempting to differentiate itself through its goods and services?

Because the competition is fierce, it’s critical to take a unique strategy in order to connect with the audience and become their go-to partner for wealth management services. When it comes to wealth management, our goods and services are quite selective. We strive to educate customers about the business as an organisation that has always believed in putting the customer first. We not only talk about wealth and our services to customers, but we also try to educate them about the industry.

Our goal is to educate our clients about market trends, assist them in grasping their options, and gently direct them in the direction of the goods and services that best meet their needs. Customers and items are unique from one another. Our emphasis is on providing customised solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

On our social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, the digital campaign went live. And so far, across all platforms, we have accumulated 396,709 views and 800,138 reach. For this digital campaign, there are two distinct videos that were released in stages.

Our ad uses humour and entertainment to get people to recognise this and consider whether “their money is secure with them.” Then, to take advantage of our top-notch trading and investment platform, we suggest that they download the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App and register. To put it another way: “Fizool kharch taalo.” Don’t invest kar daalo. (Stop wasting. Invest.)

The campaign will continue to make use of OTT platforms as part of its media mix in the next phases.

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