Meesho encourages woman entrepreneurship in a new campaign


Meesho, India’s no.1 Reselling app, trusted by 1 Crore+ Resellers has introduced its first TVC to communicate the brand’s mission to help women obtain financial independence in collaboration with DDB Mudra.

The film is based on strong cultural insights and focuses on an unstated need of a woman, which is to require what she truly deserves – her own identity. The film introduces the unstoppable energy of women who defeat all social and economic barriers with the line that attracts the feeling of ‘Not just a homemaker, a Meesho Entrepreneur’.

The film follows a usual day in a homemaker’s life where she is greeted with several titles given by her family members and others. The film takes a delightful turn when her husband calls her by her name along with her designation as an entrepreneur and He gives the phone to her, and on her phone, there is a message which shows that a sum of money has been credited to her account by Meesho.

About this film, Vidit Aatrey, founder and chief executive officer, Meesho, said that over the past few years of running Meesho the company has understood that there is no deficiency of ambition amongst women in India and through this platform, the Meesho group have been ready to help millions of aspirational Indian women to come online and to start their own business and build their own identity and that’s specifically what the company wanted to show in this  online business platform.

Individual freedom, in many ways, becomes powerless in the absence of financial freedom. This is more in the case of women. Nowadays financial freedom and make our own identity is most important. Meesho platform is a helping hand for this.

About this program Anurag Tandon, managing director, DDB Mudra West mentions that Entrepreneurship in India is regularly an urban and male-dominated aspect. But this has to change, not just for the empowerment of women but also for the country as a whole. Through this film, the company passes the message that what we wanted to do was inspire women to feel confident to start their own careers for financial independence. Meesho did a step towards action for this empowerment.


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