Amazon Fashion launches #OpenStreetHarPalFashionable campaign


Amazon Fashion presents #OpenStreetHarPalFashionable, a new digital initiative to establish a safe platform for people to talk about the various prejudices they confront when it comes to their fashion choices, such as style, skin tone, body types, and body shapes. Biases are so deeply ingrained in society that they inspire self-doubt. The #OpenStreetHarPalFashionable is a digital place developed on Instagram, the world’s most popular social and visual network. It’s a digital address where everyone can check-in, share their stories, and express themselves via fashion and beauty.  

This digital destination is a carefully selected space where anybody can contribute and question the fashion and beauty industry’s biases. 

Kinnect, a digital marketing agency, was in charge of the campaign. Influencers from all walks of life shared their #OpenStreetHarPalFashionable stories during the first round of the campaign. From vitiligo to stretch marks, scars on the face to acid burns, and even hairy arms and legs, these influencers used their platforms to defy society’s fashion standards and embrace their genuine selves. Sushant Divgikr, Trinetra, and Prarthana are among the celebrities who have shown their support for the campaign.  

The platform is a completely safe area where everyone, regardless of inhibitions or judgments, may share and celebrate their experiences while moving past the outdated fashion and beauty standards set by society. 

“The hallmark of fashion and beauty is self-expression,” says Ravi Desai, Head of Marketing, Amazon India, of the campaign. Fashion and beauty are naturally conducive to individual expression, a range of viewpoints, and the representation and inclusion of specific consumer demands. Our goal was to take Har Pal Fashionable beyond the concept of ‘looking and feeling good,’ which meant more representation and inclusion of various consumer identities that aren’t typically associated with fashion or beauty. By going past conventional preconceptions of gender, age, ethnicity, money, sexuality, language, and religion (among other things), this communication seeks to speak to a wide collection of consumers. The campaign will debut on 4/26 and will be available on TV and online.” 

“Amazon Fashion, an inclusive brand, wants to build a conversation around the value of inclusivity in fashion,” Mithun Mukherjee, Executive Creative Director at Kinnect, said of the campaign. The discussion began for us with a single word: safety. Could we give our audience the confidence to be themselves without fear of being judged? As a result, we established The Open Street, a virtual arena where we can start a movement to help break down fashion preconceptions. “A pin on Instagram that you could designate as your location and know you’re among friends and familiars who won’t condemn you and will encourage you to embrace who you truly are.”  

On Instagram, the campaign has already reached almost 2 million people. 

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