Ignorant Hrithik Roshan is Burger King India’s brand ambassador


Hamburger fast-food chain Burger King recently came up with a “Jugaad” ad that features the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, which has made the netizens baffled. Hrithik Roshan was spotted at film-city when Burger King took the opportunity to pull out a fast one.

Has any of your friends stuck a piece of paper on your back ever without your knowledge and then took your unsuspecting photograph only to share it with all your common friends or put it online?

Well, this is the concept of the new advertisement made by Burger King India. The depicted incident happened to Hrithik Roshan as well as in the ad. Ignorant Hrithik Roshan has become a victim of this to Burger King India a couple of days ago.

Stepping out from his vanity van, Hrithik Roshan posed for a few photographs for the paparazzi before he stepped inside the studio.

Hrithik Roshan was ignorant and little did he know that Burger King India had a billboard strategically placed behind him. It was timed exactly when he was posing for the paps. It appeared as if he was endorsing the QSR giant while being papped.

However, the actor did catch up afterwards with what had happened and he does not seem to be pleased about it. Hrithik Roshan showed the video to the people at Burger King.

The person at Burger King justified the act by saying that since they are giving every stunning item in the Stunner Menu at just Rs. 50, then obviously, to get him into the ad, there is no other option than to do it in this way.

The clip was posted online with the caption that read “How much jugaad is too much jugaad?” This clip has got people talking and even brands like Swiggy, Spotify, and Zomato, among others, have decided to chime in and do a role play. Talk about catching someone unaware.

Watching the clip our first thought could have gone to Famous Innovations which is the creative agency of Burger King India on record. But it turns out that it was Leo Burnett who executed this mischief on a project basis for the QSR king Burger King.

Leo Brunett was born in Chicago and they have offices across the globe. Leo Burnett was built on a simple belief that the most creative, most powerful and most effective work has people at its core—their dreams, needs, wants, and hopes. It is a belief that can be seen in action in everything that Leo Brunett makes. They say that today we call that belief as HumanKind. And it has helped several brands become more valuable to the people that the brands serve all around the world.

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