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In an industry full of limited-time promotions and offers, Burger King India has launched ‘Stunner Menu’ at Rs.50. The menu is customized specially for the Indian market. The brand designed the new menu with new formats and new products and is an equivalent of the quote ‘great value at accessible prices.’

The current industry trend is to have offers and promotions that are either ‘Less for Less’ or offer bundled products at a discounted rate. In contrast to this tradition, Burger King India introduced a new every day “Rs.50 Stunner Menu” with Wrap, Rice, Burger, and Volcano formats in exciting Indian & International flavors. The menu is available every hour, every day, in every Burger King India restaurant with ‘No Terms & Conditions.’ The Rs. 50 Stunner Menu includes egg and vegetarian products like the new Makhani Burst, new Tikki Twist, King Egg Burgers, new Veg Crunchy Volcano, new Peri Peri Rice Bowl, and new Crispy Veg Wrap, all at Rs.50 each. The non-vegetarian menu includes new Makhani Burst Burgers, Crispy Chicken, new Crunchy Chicken Volcano, King Egg Wraps, and new Crispy Chicken, all at Rs.70 each. The brand launched a showcase outside the Burger King restaurant, where guests can spin a wheel to win any food at just Rs.50. The TVC spotlights the value of leadership of the new Rs.50 Stunner Menu. The reaction and expressions of the guests are captured when the host reveals that every food item on the spin wheel is just for Rs.50 every day. The brand utilized the spin wheel to showcase various flavors in the new Rs 50 Stunner Menu.

The brand is planning on launching the campaign on Social Media, Print, Digital, OOH, In-restaurant, and via on-ground initiatives In addition to the television commercial. The five-week campaign will promote the newly launched menu across India. Burger King India’s Instagram page will be running multiple contests where guests can stand a chance to win free Stunner Menu Food during the campaign

Mr. Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer, said, Speaking about the new menu, ” The Menu is created based on thorough market research, keeping the current needs in mind. Our new Rs.50 Stunner Menu is designed to value The guest expectation for ‘value for money,’ and we deliver the same.”

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