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Sunny-Side Up and Duroflex co-created the ‘Sounds of Sleep,’ a lullaby soundtrack initially launched on World Sleep Day in March 2021. the soundtrack has gathered over 23 million views on YouTube and earned media worth over 1 Million USD for the brand in less than three months.
Sound of sleep, the soundtrack was inspired by the age-old lullabies that have been a proven relaxation method for children over many years.

Duroflex, a leading sleep solutions brand in India, took the initiative to collect some famous regional lullabies across India. A digital series was launched in which the forgotten lullabies were revived back to life.

Divya Sarkar, a recent mother in Sunnyvale, California, finds it challenging to find regional lullabies, relieved by the soundtrack. “I came to California 12 years ago. I was concerned that my child might grow up without knowing her tradition. Ghumer Pori is one of the songs I remember from my childhood, I am so glad to find the same song again, and now my child listens to it. ” Divya is one of the parents who are excited about rediscovering their favorite lullaby.

Rahul Jain, a new father, was concern about his daughter Taira,s sleeping habits. One day while searching for lullabies, he stumbled upon Sounds of Sleep. “With Sounds of Sleep, I get to experience and relive my earliest memories. Like the Nanhi Kali Sone Chali, thAT my mother used to sing while putting my sister to sleep. and I get a similar experience of parenthood too., now as a parent, I get to have a similar moment with my child.”

Kalki Koechlin, famous philanthropist, film & theatre actor, and mother, hosted the series. This series features prominent Indian singers like Shilpa Rao, Geetha Madhuri, Monali Thakur, Sanah Moidutty, Chinmayi Sripada, Shalmili Kholgade, singing lullabies from different parts of India in languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bengali. The brand took it to the next level as the campaign received a great response. The brand plans to involve content creators and influencers in the next phase of the campaign. Duroflex decides to launch Sounds of Sleep Sessions on World Music Day as the campaign gains popularity, which reaches young upcoming music talents who can share their version of their favorite lullabies.

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