LiveIn Duropedic, Duroflex Orthopedic bed-in-box


Duroflex launches LiveIn mattress-in-a-box. LiveIn Duropedic is an innovative back support mattress that promises you a safe and restful sleep. This ortho mattress is built to facilitate spinal alignment and posture adjustment through advanced innovation and careful construction. This Duroflex rolled mattress features a 5-zone orthopedic layer advised by our doctor to provide additional protection to your back, neck and spine. Duroflex has launched LiveIn Duropedic – their signature Duropedic range and India’s handiest daily endorsed orthopedic bed is now day-to-day in clever roll-packs that may be introduced directly everyday consumer homes in a container.

The new LiveIn has been designed to provide customers with high-quality sleep. Placed in a comfortable knitted fabric, the mattress is made of memory foam that naturally molds to the form of the body. This function includes superior back and shoulder support, pain relief, and improved blood flow for a deep sleep experience. The resilient foam foundation strengthens protection and the comfortable super soft foam coating on the top gives you a relaxing cloud-like feel. It has a complicated five zoned orthopedic layer that’s one-of-a-kind daily Duroflex and offers differentiated support for the five zones of the frame resulting in the most appropriate frame alignment. Aside from presenting a superior lower back guide, the bed comes with the logo’s special Triple Anti-Microbial fabric that offers protection from dangerous microorganism, fungi, and dust mites at the same time.

Smita Murarka, Vice President – Marketing & e-commerce, Duroflex stated, “With LiveIn Duropedic mattress, we are strengthening our product portfolio online and catering every day the virtual first, cell millennia’s. Our research display that again ailments are on the rise among this audience everyday life-style habits, strain, and mounting paintings strain.”

“It is verified and advised by doctors at the National Academy of Health. LiveIn Duropedic is designed every day to offer the precise again help at splendid cost. It is simple to order and amusing everyday unbox and springs with the ease of a one hundred Nights free Trial,” Murarka stated.

Health Advantages – Live-in Duropedic mattress is designed to deliver just that and more. The mattress basically cure your back pain with enhanced back help, which is both advised and approved by doctors at the National Health Academy It helps your spine to rest in a neutral position, which in turn helps to fight back problems and make way for a more enriching sleep experience.


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