Pulp Strategy wins virtual mandate for Whirlpool


Whirlpool of India, an affiliate of Whirlpool Corporation, and a kitchen and laundry household appliance firm, delegated its digital mandate to Pulp Policy. Whirlpool has powerful products on its portfolio, vibrant, fast-paced with immense potential in the digital space. The mandate extends to markets in SAARC countries such as Whirlpool Bangladesh, Whirlpool Nepal, and Whirlpool Sri Lanka, and so on. As part of its mandate, Pulp Strategy will oversee the visibility of the company in all digital channels, including infrastructure building and administration, marketing organizing, media sourcing, digital creative and advertising, and social media. The Digital Agency will also be responsible for the preparation and execution of new digital brand projects.

The advertising plan for laundry machines stayed in Bangladesh because the marketplace saw an increase in demand for laundry gadgets. The buyer’s actions, terminology, and processes are unique to the United States, and the marketing strategy that became Bangladesh’s first utilized this ability to raise consumer perception of Whirlpool washing machines. The ad strategy was turned into rooted in estimated in-depth studies. The purchaser’s behavior, language, and systems are specific to the United States, and the marketing campaign which turned into Bangladesh’s first leveraged this possibility to bolster cognizance for Whirlpool washing machines among the audience. The marketing campaign rooted in deep studies, approximately the marketplace & customer behavior. The washing gadget is powered with the aid of using a superior in-constructed heater which gets rid of most of the germs & allergens and has the Hot Catalytic Soak feature. It offers proper hygiene and cares for its users

The marketing campaign became released with a virtual movie. The movie targeted the connection between a mom and a child. The marketing campaign reached thousands of clients digitally and become extensively commonplace with excessive engagement and proportion rate. The marketing campaign additionally had fun & peppy snack-able video content. 

Whirlpool of India, a division of Whirlpool Corporation, has delegated its virtual mandate to Pulp Strategy. Whirlpool has strong products on its portfolio, lively and fast-paced with enormous opportunity in digital space. “In the coming days, we will concentrate on enhancing the engagement and infusion of technology into existing digital activities while seeking to improve the digital footprint of the company,” said Ambika Sharma, Managing Director, about Pulp Strategy.


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