Implicit bias towards giving women responsibility-Nisha Pokhriyal


WOMEN DISRUPTORS a unique program that was launched last year by Adgully to honor and salute women managers and leaders across different fields. This program has brought out a lot of attention and was highly appreciated by the industry. W-SUITE, a program to focus on some of the most remarkable women achievers in different fields. In this modernized world how women leaders have been managing their work and moving through the tough and challenging times because of the pandemic.

Nisha Pokhriyal, VP – Marketing, Mitron TV, has years of working experience across various sectors as a marketer. Under her leadership as Vice-president, she handled many refreshing campaigns like VirusToVaccine, SayNoToDrugs. 

In conversation with Adgully, Nisha Pokhriyal talks about how women have been creating gender sensitivity in the workplace providing opportunities. Where women are having a strong desire and determination, but they don’t get the opportunity. 

How to define today’s women leader?

Many women are in leadership roles across different sectors. Women have to make many efforts to get recognized and respected by their colleagues. They need someone who can believe in them their Talent, hard work without any gender. Today women are equally creating their own identity around the world. 

What attributes make women leaders in today’s business world should possess?

Other than gender, every business leader should have these characteristics:

Empathy: Women are very empathic. That makes them connect with people around them. This results in a more collaborative and open environment.

Strength- Courage and being very strong and never give up in any challenging situations. Taking a risk and learning from the experience. 

Innovation: Taking initiative, coming up with new ideas, inspiring others how to face challenges. 

There is less number of women business leaders who are having qualification, aptitude, and experience, what do think is it necessary or not?

Women will have a lot of family responsibilities. They are very ambitious, but they don’t get the opportunity. However, now a day’s women are starting their entrepreneurship journey with small-scale businesses. In the past year, women are rising their small-scale business through social media platforms and helping their families. 

To encourage women leaders, what Indian corporates have to do?

Developing skills for women in the workforce so that they can discover their development and growth in their business. 

How severe is the gender gap issue in India today? What needs to be done to address this effectively?

In India, the gender gap has widened to 62.5%. Among 156 nations India ranked 140th in rankings. The issue not just the gender gap, but with opportunity, health and survival, and political empowerment. Also need, society to not judge about their talents and skills and what they are doing.

Lessons that have learned as women leaders?

Asking for help

How to be show gratitude and being kind

Always stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey.

Embrace change. 

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