Arvind Iyer, Cuemath: We are focusing on 3X growth this year


Edtech platform Cuemath began its journey in 2013. Founder Manan Khurma, who helped students to crack the IIT JEE exams, found that students who were struggling to know advanced math concepts like Trigonometry and Calculus had a weak foundational base. the assumption was that learning math was like learning the piano. Students needed to start early in their lives and practice to get good at it and develop mathematical thinking. That’s why Cuemath emerged as an early learning platform with the core proposition of building the foundational understanding of mathematics as a topic.

Cuemath caters to a worldwide user base as an after-school math and coding program for K-10 classes, powered by an adaptive learning platform, interactive visual simulations, and therefore the guidance of a live teacher. The start-up raised $40 million during a Series C round in February. consistent with media reports, it’s on the brink of closing a Series D with $100 million in fresh funding, eyeing a valuation of $1 billion by the top of 2022.

The brand has partnered with creative agency Red Antler and launched their new logo and tagline – ‘Get Better at Math, recover at Everything’.

In conversation with Adgully, Arvind Iyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Cuemath, speaks about the brands’ journey, and their rebranding and marketing plans.

What are the tenets of the brand Cuemath?

We believe that any child is often great at math. Till now math has been treated as a topic and not a life skill. the longer term goes to be around machine learning and coding then, math will allow children to possess more options not just in academics but also in their career.

Children have always been taught math by rote, while we try to distill the core principles so that children understand the concept and apply it. We do this by deconstructing the whole concept visually.

For example, tons of youngsters who haven’t studied multiplication tables aren’t ready to give us the solution for 12 times 4. But if you understand that multiplication is repeated addition, then any child can answer that question whether or not they have learned the tables or not.

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