Importance of predictive analytics in retailing: The way forward


The world has already changed quite significantly this year up till now with the pandemic crisis and the global shutdown. The way we work and the shop has shifted drastically and is found to remain like that even after the pandemic crisis has passed.

E-commerce is evolving and gaining importance much faster than ever before. Consumers are now engaged in online shopping than ever before. Smaller retailers are also going for an Omni channel retail software instead of the multichannel approach in their sales.

But how does an online retailer compete with multi-billion dollar e-commerce giants and how do they stand out from other businesses. Predicting the future or at least the near future is very important for any business for sustaining in a digital market.

Predictive analytics is important in business there is a need for understanding what the future needs of the consumers are and adapting the business to those needs. However most business does not do this perhaps due to the complexity and costs. However, with Big Data combining with the current surge in online shopping it’s becoming a more affordable solution.

Predictive analytics allows retailers to:

•Predict what customers are most likely to purchase

•Determine the highest price a customer will pay for a product

•Improve supply chain management

•Enhance business intelligence

•Accurately make recommendations regarding promotions and follow-up purchases

•Employ better price management

The new decade’s demand and reliance on reliable and now anticipatory data cannot be overstated. It might not be the case that every use of predictive analytics is relevant to your business.

With technology’s staggering advancement, we’re witnessing an incredible expansion and diversification within the e-commerce industry. It’s an exciting time for retailers. New techniques, strategies, and tools are all there to be experimented with and implemented, but you’re only able to do so if you take advantage of them as and when they arise.

User experience, conversion optimization, and the way customers pay and take delivery of their products can all be factors that determine your bottom line. It’s on you as a retailer to optimize efficiently, make use of your analytics, and be unafraid of embracing what comes next.


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