In a hot job market, companies hand out big awards to retain key executives

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Large American firms are rewarding top-performing executives with one-time rewards in an effort to retain them amid high worker turnover and reward them for surviving a couple of challenging years.

Retention rewards, which are paid in addition to traditional compensation plans, are a focus of firms’ pay filings this year as concerns about the tight labour market extend to the C-suite. Leadership teams want to keep their top people on board while their companies face growing inflation, supply-chain disruptions, and other issues. Companies such as Coca-Cola Co., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., and Tyson Foods Inc. granted additional awards to senior executives, according to proxy filings. executives for the year 2021.

The incentives, which are usually in the form of products and can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, are meant to incentivize executives and urge them to stay on the job. Some of the prizes also replaced salary that CEOs had missed out on because to the financial impact of the pandemic. According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, the average salary package for CEOs of S&P 500 companies in 2021 was $14.7 million, increasing for the sixth year in a row. About two-thirds of the deals featured equity awards, as well as other incentives. bonuses for the wealthiest CEOs

“The amount of fear and tension has been unprecedented throughout the organisation, surprisingly from the CEO to the production floor,” said Bill Glenn, a government spokesman. Since the outbreak, the chairman of Crenshaw Associates, a human resources consulting firm, has spoken out about difficulties involving management groups.

Last year, Coca-Cola approved a one-time incentive for about 1,000 employees, including the company’s senior executives, according to a March proxy filing. The stock award was provided to “inspire and reward staff” to help the beverage company recover from the pandemic, according to Coca-proxy Cola’s statement. Chief Executive James Quincey, who is eligible for the greatest reward under this programme, could receive up to $6.4 million if the company satisfies specific earnings-per-share criteria by the end of the year.

Last year, Mr. Quincey was paid a total of $24.9 million, which includes a one-time inventory reward and is 35 percent more than the prior year. The Beyond their proxy submission, the corporation declined to comment. The inventory awards that companies are disclosing in their proxy filings were largely issued in 2021, when the inventory market was raging and companies were still reeling from the financial effects of the epidemic. Companies use a range of techniques to improve employee retention, such as altering different types of compensation, such as long-term incentive payouts, and providing additional rewards.

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