In Shark Tank India Amit Jain now serves as a mentor for KlugKlug. 

In Shark Tank India Amit Jain now serves as a mentor for KlugKlug.
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Amit Jain has joined KlugKlug as its new mentor and advisor. KlugKlug is a global influencer marketing decision-making B2B SaaS platform. Amit is well-known for playing a “Shark” in the popular reality series Shark Tank India recently, but he is also the co-founder and CEO of CarDekho (Girnarsoft), which he has grown into a powerhouse in the auto and personal mobility ecosystem across India and now globally, leading to its emergence as a unicorn.  

To assist brands with their influencer marketing outreach, Vaibhav Gupta and Kalyan Kumar founded the international platform KlugKlug. Vaibhav serves as the platform’s co-founder and chief product officer, and Kalyan serves as the CEO. 

Amit Jain, a seasoned businessman with a track record of success, was eager to join KlugKlug as a mentor to help the company realize its goals and experience significant growth. With Amit’s knowledge and experience, KlugKlug is now better able to develop a better value for its clients and improve scale, accuracy, and ROAS on its influencer marketing campaigns.  

Kalyan Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of KlugKlug, commented on this news as follows: “We are thrilled to welcome Amit as our mentor and advisor, and we feel boosted in our confidence to do bigger things for the Influencer Marketing & Creator landscape. We were taken aback by this insight into the market and how quickly our growth and areas of emphasis synchronized.  

An online marketplace for buying and selling both new and used cars was co-founded by Indian businessman Amit Jain. Under his direction, CarDekho has grown to be one of India’s top automobile portals, drawing millions of users and providing a host of services. Amit Jain has achieved success as an entrepreneur and is praised for his creative and client-centred approach to starting and expanding businesses. 

Amit Jain, co-founder and CEO of CarDekho, expressed his excitement to join KlugKlug as a mentor and advisor when asked about the role. KlugKlug is a creative startup that has discovered a specific issue and is coming up with a strong solution that can benefit consumer businesses in ways that could alter the Influencer landscape. It’s also encouraging to see a group of driven business owners, like Kalyan and Vaibhav, collaborating to find a solution to a dilemma that benefits all parties involved — brands, brand partners, and influencers included — significantly. With the right direction and assistance, KlugKlug can, in my opinion, grow into an even more prosperous company that has a positive impact on both India and the world.  

KlugKlug wants to improve influencer marketing through the development of AI-powered tools that also provide data-based insights to brands and marketers. The platform serves as a hub for campaign management, performance monitoring, and data analysis, bridging influencers and brands. In addition, KlugKlug wants to expand its services to various markets and industries in response to the growing demand for influencer marketing. 

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