India’s first meat and seafood wash brand “SaaFoo” launched by CavinKare


SaaFoo also plans to launch India’s first meat and seafood wash in a ‘sachet format’.

With its continuous efforts, of taking safe health and hygiene practices to every household in India, CavinKare announced the launch of its brand ‘SaaFoo’ washes for fruits and vegetables in a sachet format which makes it easier for the consumers to use.

As most households in India, continue to depend on plain water for the cleansing of fresh produce, the SaaFoo products have been introduced in a sachet format in the market to help consumers in maintaining effective cleansing practices of food.

The launch coincided with World Food Safety Day which is on 7th June, and which further emphasizes the necessity for specialized solutions to cleanse fresh produce. The newly launched brand is set to build two exclusive products under its category biz; SaaFoo Meat Wash and SaaFoo Veggies and Fruits Wash.

With the day to day insights, safety needs of the consumers and backed up by strong research, CavinKare is India’s first consumer brand to launch a cleansing liquid specially made for meat and seafood. SaaFoo sachet washes have been carefully designed to remove the germs, pesticides, and chemicals that could unintentionally through the food we consume. The products are made with 100 percent Food Grade Ingredients and leave no after taste post-cleansing.

Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director and CEO, Personal Care and Alliance, CavinKare commented on the launch, “CavinKare has been synonymous for the sachet revolution in the FMCG industry for many years. CavinKare has been producing products in sachet format with a single aim of serving every consumer in every household. During a pandemic period like this, when there is a major importance for safer health and hygiene practices in our lives, one cannot look over the way food is cleansed and consumed. Keeping this in mind, we’ve introduced SaaFoo vegetables and fruits wash in a sachet format to help our customers and bring about a massive change in the way food is cleaned. We also felt the need to create a specific wash for meat and seafood by considering the need for a rigorous wash routine so that consumers could consume their food with more confidence during these times.


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