Infidigit wins SEO and ASO mandate Finnable


Infidigit, an award-winning digital marketing company in India has been selected by Finnable to handle the latter’s Digital mandate. Infidigit will be in charge of the Search engine optimization and App-store optimization for the brand.

Finnable is a fast-growing financial technology (Fintech) start-up that assists workers in obtaining loans with minimal fuss. Its goal is to make personal loans accessible to all paid professionals in under a minute.

Nitin Gupta, Viraj Tyagi, and Amit Arora started the firm. They’re all former bankers. Nitin and Viraj are accomplished entrepreneurs who previously founded and delivered a financial services start-up called NettPositive Analytics to Equifax. Amit has 21 years of expertise in global financial services, including risk management and digitization.

The brand services Personal loans and Travel with 0% Interest Loans. All the work is done electronically which makes the system much more transparent and trustable. With its highly equipped security system; the customer’s data is 100% safe and secure.

The testimonials for the brand can be found on its official website.

Finnable Technologies Pvt Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finnable Credit Private Limited, which is a non-banking finance company registered with the Reserve Bank of India under license number N-02.00291

Infidigit, an SEO expert firm, founded in April 2017, has won several awards across the world and has established itself as a market leader in providing Digital Marketing services to both large and small businesses.

The firm has expertise in Search engine optimization, E-commerce SEO, SEO audit, Conversion Rate Optimization, Local SEO, SEO penalty recovery, Pay-per-click, Content marketing and app store optimization.

The brand has been honoured with SEO awards like the MA Asia Echo Award, Masters of Modern Marketing Award, Indian Digital Marketing Award and many more.

Commenting on the mandate, founder and MD Mr Kaushal Thakkar, Infidigit said, “Studies suggest that India’s fintech market is expected to rise to a Rs 6,207 trillion market by 2025. The settling factors for this growth would be skilled workforce and technological enormity, with the latter being largely dependent on the adoption of the right digital strategies. The realization of the might of SEO and ASO in boosting the organic outreach by Finnable is a good decision and we are privileged to offer the best strategic solutions to Finnable.”

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