INOX launches private screening services


As of October 15, INOX Leisure multiplex network has reopened all of its functional cinema halls for ‘private screening ‘ in India. With this service, attendees can book a whole INOX auditorium for their friends and family members for a private show, which includes movie screenings, events, functions, workshops, family surprises and much more.

The service may be available to guests at any of usual screens of INOX, or INOX INSIGNIA (for the discerning audience), or KIDDLES (for young patrons), or MX4D EFX Theatre, at the date and time of their choosing. Guests may select the material of their preference either from the existing Bollywood or Hollywood movie playlist, or an older Blockbuster playlist. There will be no OTT shows being screened. Guests also can opt not to show a movie and to run private content on the screen then.

What led to the service’s launch? INOX Chief Marketing Officer Saurabh Varma says that There are often two ways of thinking about a strategy-the viewpoint of the manufacturer and the point of view of the consumer. This concept of private screening came into being from the latter. We noticed the potential existed and focused on it.

A group as small as one or two members (up to 50% of the capability of the auditorium) can make a reservation, based on the availability of the preferred venue. People usually prepare and reserve a week in advance. However, if you want to reserve a hall for, say, tomorrow and the show is open, we are prepared to make the reservation according to the availability. It completely depends on demand and supply, ”Varma points out.

Depending on the day (weekday/weekend), time and screening order, he says that the reservation price starts from Rs 2,999. The price varies as per the number of seats booked, the film distribution fee, the customisation of food and drinks (if required), and the number of hours for which the hall is booked.

The general reservation is normally made for approximately 2-2.5 hours. But for longer hours, we are open to taking requests. For a day-long period or more, however, there has been no inquiry for now, ”Varma points out.

Over the past 15 days, birthday parties, private film screenings, a motivational session (with no film screening), kitty parties and more have been booked for INOX cinema halls. INOX has also secured a booking for a wedding video screening to be presented to friends and family, and a unique proposal event where a guest will screen a personalised slide for his girlfriend during the intermission of a movie. A group of women in Gujarat, who came together to watch a Yash Raj banner film, made a further booking for Karwa Chauth.


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