Instagram decides to share revenue with creators through ads in IGTV for the first time


Instagram, for the first time in its history, will start sharing revenue with creators through ads in IGTV and purchasable badges in Instagram Live. The company has given a hint that ads would appear in IGTV for more than one year and often saying that the long-form video offers would be the most likely place it would first pay creators.

From next week, ads will begin to appear in IGTV for only 200 approved, English-speaking creator partners, including  Lele Pons and Adam Waheed, from a few group of  major advertiser partners like Puma, Ikea and Sephora. Instagram  plans to share an “industry standard” at 55 % cut with creators, Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky. The major goal  is to expand this group and  share it across more creators around the globe.

The ads will appear in IGTV only when people click to watch their preferred IGTV videos from previews in their feed, and the first round of ads will be vertical videos upto 15 seconds long.

The team will also be testing different experiences within IGTV ads which includes, testing ads which are likely to be skipped by the people, throughout the year.

Osofsky says to ensure ads will be only shown with brand friendly content, the creators have to stick to an “Instagram monetization policy”, which is different from usual content policies on platform. Osofsky cites an example, as in, people can swear in videos on the given platform, but they won’t be allowed to do , if monetization is their purpose.

Moderation of  IGTV ads is essential to its success as their introduction enables instagram to directly compete with YouTube, if creators start giving priority to their vertical video shoots over landscape and moreover, brands spend their money on Instagram ads than on YouTube.

Advertisers need to ensure that their content won’t show up somewhere unsafe for their image. Advertisers pulled money because a report showed  how pedophiles find videos of young children  and comment on kid’s videos and sexualizes them.


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