Intelligent automation for successful transformation in the workplace ecosystem

  • Intelligent automation through its innovative offering in transforming the workplace ecosystem and workforce as well.

Intelligent automation makes drastic changes in regular process automation. Automation accompanied by artificial intelligence has the ability to transform the processes carried out manually. Instead of carrying out predefined steps, they are able to provide tasks in a better performance. The data are consistently collected to improve their performance automatically in future.

Intelligent automation helps a business more data-driven and make accurate decisions by optimizing the best practices. Automated technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, etc. are designed to make the employee’s lives easier, but the current trend is to eliminate human workforce and substitute intelligent automation since they are capable of producing better results.

Artificial intelligence rapidly increases the productive efficiency of the human workforce. The companies are looking forward to training their employees to make use of automated technologies to drive better results. But the reskilling should be based on how employees will interact with machines, and how they adapt to bring out changes in the company.

The new possibilities due to automation help redefine the work as the outputs and problem solving of the workforce, than merely performing the task, the relationships they engage, rather than being subordinates and supervisors, increase productivity and enhance customer values. Ultimately, it is the integration of growth, development, learning and experiences into the real-time flow of work.

But it’s really a hectic task to find talent with required skills and competencies. The available pool of talent is shrinking rapidly. Since the relationships between employees and organizations have changed recently, allowing the part-time and full-time jobs, contracts, freelancers, gig workers etc, they should be able to make out the best from them.

There is a widespread perception that the adaption of automation may eliminate jobs. There are still a large number of employees who believe that automated technologies aid support to their job role. Many companies are on their journey towards increased productivity due to the implementation of digital automation aided with artificial intelligence. 


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