The predictive power of AI pave a new way in the healthcare industry

  • The startup, co-founded by an MIT alumnus, is using a platform of AI models to help hospitals make predictions based on their patient data

Health always matters. Treating the patients with several conditions like diabetes, heart diseases help them stay healthy while reaching the vulnerable patient at the right time is a risk. Artificial intelligence has the potential to overcome these situations by analyzing big data and identifying the right thing done to the right one at the right time.

To leverage AI in the hospitals, data scientist or analyst are required for enabling optimized solutions to all problems. AI helps the hospitals to transform the collected data to actionable results. The technology is being used in hospitals to determine who miss the appointments, acquire infections, gets benefits from periodic checkups etc.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ClosedLoop is also designed to help the healthcare organizations to identify the most vulnerable people and assist them with medical aids. It is seen that the ClosedLoop is accelerating the healthcare industry due to the adoption of AI in improving the health of the patients. The health insurers also use ClosedLoop to predict and analyze disease risk, emergency room overutilization and fraud.

ClosedLoop has emerged as a step forward for Covid-19. It began exploring the ways it could help the doctors as well as patients to prepare and respond to the pandemic. From the initial days of March itself, the platform started working with full potential, making predictions on more than two million patients.

Today the ClosedLooop platform is not only used for patients, but across the whole country to assess the vulnerability of communities. The healthcare organizations have used it to help out people providing specific guidelines to not get infected for those who live in a highly vulnerable area to avoid communal spread.

The magnitude of the problems is so large so that small impacts will get nullified. But the advancements in technologies and the predictive power of artificial intelligence has been rewarding. And its applications are successfully moving as of now.


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