IoT Sensors and Analytics can purify inside air in schools & colleges. How?


The on-going global pandemic, COVID-19, has made each and every individual to be diffident to get back to normal life across the globe. Therefore, people started to behave differently in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Now, building managers are extending their hands in helping to reduce the spread. With the help of IoT, it is possible to filter air, fresh airflow, and even analyze the traffic within the building.

CTO of Delta Controls Chris Kwong said that building controls are focused on energy efficiency that allows building managers to make decisions on how people make use of the space. They use sensors, data, and analytics to make sure it is safer for children and employees to go to school and the workplace.

By connecting with different systems together it is possible to collect more data and possibly to do more analytics, Chris added. For schools, the IoT sensor network is a cost-effective way to meet various demands. “WHO” has given recommendations to schools and colleges to increase the ventilation rate without using recirculated air.

With the help of the sensor, it is possible to analyze the carbon dioxide level and easier to monitor the social distance in a specific space. Chris said that the company has launched more touchless products in the last few years that include the thermostat unit, which goes into the ceiling room instead of a wall. The company’s sensor O3 collects data and with the help of an app displays the ait flow, CO2 levels, temperature, and noise levels after analysis.

Sensors can help to build managers in collecting data analyze and improve operational efficiency. For example, Room A don’t have enough air, it requires immediate action. Room B can only accommodate 15 people, but the analysis results show that it occupies a bigger number, this was operational change management comes. Chris added that the IT team is getting more involved in building management for better performance.

Building management system with the help of the right sensors and data analysis facilitates the managers to balance the costs involved as well as the control of air circulation and social distancing in order to reduce the spread.


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