Is Kerala going through the third wave of Covid-19?


According to the latest reports on the view of considering the number of covid cases and the test positivity rate, the health minister says that Kerala is facing the third wave of Covid-19, the Omicron surge.

On a serious anxiety note, health minister Veena George says that the third wave is highly spreading in the beginning than the first and second wave and both delta and Omicron variants of the virus are increasing the spread. 

On account of the number of covid cases on the last day, Thiruvananthapuram was the first leading place in number followed by Ernakulam and Kozhikode. In an earlier meeting conducted, the health minister stated that the state can’t witness a lockdown again. 

Seeing the situation getting worsened the opposite party blames the chief minister and health minister for not taking any precautions against the situation for bringing down the covid cases and test positivity rate. 

They also said that the spreading rate was 2.15% during the second wave, now the percentage has lifted up to 3.12% these days. Even though the severity of the infection is way less than the rest of the waves of covid, the situation still frightens the people. 

The spread of the disease is 4-5 times higher than the second wave and the first wave of the spread and the situation must be taken into s serious note. The state adheres the people to strictly follow the Covid-19 protocols such as wearing the masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently sanitizing.

Delta virus is the main component for the spread of the second wave of Covid and before the wave was completely over, the third wave started with the delta and omicron virus which is a crucial situation if not taken proper precautions and care. 

Vaccination is the only weapon to fight against this and the state has ensured full vaccination for the people and also started booster doses for older people. During the first week of January, the state has also started the vaccination for children between the age group of 15-17.

An official meeting takes place today between the government officials which will put forward the rules and regulations the state has to follow for the coming days to bring down the number of covid cases and test the positivity rate. 

Till then the government seeks the cooperation of the people by following the Covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks, frequently sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing.   

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