ISSDA and Bruce Clay conduct a webinar on digital marketing


In this current pandemic situation, everyone is relying on online platforms to clarify their business matters. ISSDA (Indian Stainless Steel Development Association) lately organized a webinar in cooperation with Bruce Clay India based on the topic of digital marketing of Stainless Steel and its products on 18th September 2020. Sanjeev Duggal, COO and Director, Bruce Clay India and Ajay Chhabra, Country Head had participated as speakers at this webinar. Karan Pahuja, President of ISSDA and  Rohit Kumar, Director, ISSDA were the hosts.

Karan Pahuja, President, ISSDA commented in the webinar that, today the world itself has changed due to this pandemic situation. So it affects a lot in the market segment also. It urged the industry to go digitally. Sanjeev Duggal, CEO, and Director of Bruce Clay India comment about the current situation that a company face nowadays. And he said that Digital marketing activities increase day by day in all sectors. Even people also rely on online platforms to know more about specific products. In the case of stainless steel also they shortlisted some steel vendors on digital platforms. And then they work based on that.

In his talk, he clearly mentions that it is the best time for better sales because digital marketing is a better option for marketers to increase sales. Because the well applied digital marketing tool can act like an efficient 24*7 salesperson.

He also comments that in this pandemic situation the sales team doesn’t need to go outside and make calls. Now with the help of online platforms, we can make the customers know all about the products. Ajay Chhabra, Country Head Bruce Clay India, made a detailed presentation about ‘How to accelerate the topic of stainless steel in world-class search engines like Google.’

He also presented the key elements of a good digital marketing strategy for the stainless-steel industry such as Website, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media, and Videos. He also highlights the usage of LinkedIn to reach out to CEOs, CFOs, purchase heads, and business heads of target accounts. After the presentation, Karan Pahuja- President, ISSDA expressed thanks to Ajay Chhabra for the valuable informative presentation. Also, he said that this opens a new approach for the industry and more and more people go digital.


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