ITC launches ready-to-cook Indian breakfast mixes


ITC, under its household brand ‘Aashirvaad’ expands its FMCG business by foraying into the Indian breakfast category with its instant meals.

The new Aashirvaad instant meal comes with the tag ‘Taste that Take You Home.’ It offers ready-to-cook and ready-to-mix food staples that relish the flavor of mother’s food with every bite.

Aashirvaad’s convenient and easy instant meal is ready by adding a cup of boiling water to the instant breakfast mix, stirring it, and waiting for just five minutes.

Aashirvaad’s instant meal brings a modern twist to our mother’s nurturance. It creates a range of breakfast and snack meals produced with the goodness of grains, millets, vegetables, seasoning of mustards, garlic, curry leaves, etc.

Life is incomplete without cooking. Cooking becomes a time-consuming task for working individuals. A long array of busy morning chores like waking up early, preparing for office, school-bus beeping shakes you altogether.

A disturbance in the morning cooking brings a lot of discomfort and irritation that remains throughout the day. Instant breakfast is one of the possible solutions that could ease your morning hassle.

ITC, under its FMCG brand Aashirvaad introduced many new food items in its instant meals category. Some in the list include Veggi poha, Veggi upma, Suji halwa with Jaggery Pouch, mini idli sambar, etc.

The instant meal products are packed in a cup and pouch to make them convenient for the user. It enables one to relish the taste of homely food anytime and anywhere.

These products are purchased online through the e-store and e-commerce websites of ITC. It is also available in grocery stores and modern retail shops.

ITC also has a recognizable presence in the spices, salt, dairy, and Super Foods categories. Super Foods by Aashirvaad, made from Jowar & Ragi, have a high nutritional profile.

The growing trend in food habits shows that people are moving towards a convenient food culture. Nuclear families and double-income homes are more prone to rely on instant meals.

Aashirvaad has to face tough competition in the ready-to-cook meal category from other established brands like MTR, Kellogg’s, Gits, Maggi, Eastern Masala, and Mother’s Recipe, and many other local brands.

Even though ITC is a late entrant into the instant food category, it still has the chance to shine among other instant meal brands. Maggi has a greater dominance in the ready-to-eat food category but is not considered healthy.

Other factors that make ITC stand out in the instant meal category are its huge retail network at the Kirana level and its ability to penetrate to the rural areas of India.

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