“Engage users at the TV home screen itself”: Prabhvir Sahmey, Samsung Ads


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, home quarantine and working from home has become very common thing, there was a sudden increase in the consumption of different kinds of content available online.

People began spending more time watching random and relatable videos on YouTube, binge-watching series, and involving themselves in movies.

Samsung ads, the only company that entered India amidst pandemic, six months ago, with the main motive to redefine advertising. It aims to deliver a meaningful experience and reach the right audience through mobile, desktop, and Smart TVs.

Samsung smart TV has unique features with seamless activation across devices the company has always helped in the process of marketing by informing them the decisions to reach through meaningful experiences and have better & deeper insights. The company’s biggest strength is the breadth of data it has formed.

Back in April this year, Samsung announced their new first screen plus ad format. When a person first turns on the Samsung smart TV – an ad will appear on the user’s screen even before he chooses by viewing OTT content or DTH content.

However, advertising on digital platforms is a little different this space is a little different from others. When users see an ad on a tablet or a mobile phone, they have an option to interact with the ad and click on it to learn more about the brand or they may skip the ad.

Prabhivi Sahmey mentions that what makes this space challenging is a fact that TV’s aren’t designed with that click-through action.

“From 2015 what has happened is that television sets everywhere have been upgraded with UI upgrade. When it comes to ads in CTV, we’re looking at engaging the users at the home screen itself, without making them feel too unwanted.

A challenge brought on because of the pandemic all the information is overloaded – making it more difficult for the company to engage with potential ad space buyers.

We have faced great challenges during this period, in operations, logistics, products to technology, and, more importantly, communication between us and the customers,” said Sahmey while signing off.

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