The Sweet Sound of Wood: PaisaBazaar’s brand new film on digital platforms

494, India’s largest digital consumer credit marketplace, launched a new ad film titled The Sweet Sound of Wood on November 13, 2021. The film is a part of its campaign Paison Se Badhkar.

In a week, the ad became a viral hit with almost over 11 million views on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Paisabazaar started in 2014, is a subsidiary of PolicyBazaar, one of the leading insurance companies in India that offer various insurance policies for family, health, automobiles, house, etc.

The insurance company specializes in making comparative analyses of the insurance products based on price, quality, etc.

The film The Sweet Sound of Wood resonates with a theme that is truly inspiring and touching. The company was successful in representing the feelings and emotions of ordinary people in India. It portrays the growing aspirations of Indians.

Sai Narayan, chief marketing officer at, commented with delight about the launch of their new ad. He said it’s different from the other traditional and transactional ads.

The company was particular not to produce clichéd ads that were mundane and theoretical. It wanted to create heart-felt consumer stories inspired by the real-life experiences of its customers.

Anand Karir, who directed the ad film, said that he wanted to create an ad that maintained the standards of the other two films.

The launch of the new film completed the trilogy of films under the Paison Se Badhkar campaign. The other two films in the trilogy include The Wedding Speech (2018) and My Father’s dream (2020). 

The new ad film titled, The Sweet Sound of Wood revolves around the father who provides ardent support to his daughter to fulfill her dream. Meeting with an accident or losing his eyes were not enough to shut down the fire in his heart.

The loss of the vision of the outer world opened his vision of the inner world. One of the hallmark dialogues of the ad goes like this “I have lost my eyes, not my dreams.”

The second ad, Story of a Daughter, published on November 20, 2020, portrays a middle–class family’s dream to build a house. 

The first ad in the trilogy Paison Se Badhkar is The Wedding Speech. Published on February 17, 2019, it encapsulates the love, care, and warmth of brotherhood. 

The three ads show how Paisabazaar too is a platform that can be trusted and provides the best financial advice. It provides #LoansThatChangeLives.

The film ads were instrumental in raising the profit of the company and narrowing down its losses. PolicyBazaar reported that its revenue increased during the two years from ₹771.29 crores in FY20 to ₹886.66 crores in FY21.

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