IVM Podcasts launches ‘The Longest Constitution


 Host Priya Mirza discusses the Indian constitution and its evolution, adaptations and applications historically and in everyday life

India, 24th August 2021: IVM Podcasts (Pratilipi) has announced the launch of its new show titled “The Longest Constitution”. Hosted by historian and professor Priya Mirza, the show brings to light some lesser-known nuances of the Indian Constitution in an effort to make it familiar territory for its listeners.

In each episode, Priya Mirza will attempt to explain how the constitution is an original and legal toolkit and how one can use it in their everyday lives. Through various stories about people and law, Priya gives a small peek into what the ideals and provisions of our constitution mean. From taxes to language, from food to sanitary napkins, from reservations to religious freedoms, this show looks at the machinery of the constitution, ‘we the people’ and our role in its effective functioning. For a document that impacts the life of every Indian citizen, there are few who understand the constitution in its entirety. This show aims to bring valuable insights about it with practical and real-life references.

Amit Doshi, Founder – IVM Podcasts said, “This is a uniquely clever show that takes a stiff subject and moulds it into an easy-to-consume product. It’s a show that both intrigues and educates as much as it entertains.”

The Longest Constitution by Priya Mirza is an IVM production and available across all major streaming platforms.


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