Jeep Launches ‘My Jeep Story’ for owners to narrate the bond with Jeep SUVs


For more than 80 years, the Jeep brand has been the calling of the travelers and off-road adventurers. It has been equivalent to freedom and outdoor adventures. Anyway, it is the story which goes beyond them, that has caught the creative mind of the individuals who drive the Jeep SUVs. The ways of life, which the SUVs help to figure it out.

 Inward journeys, newly found passions and closeness to nature, another group of friends, and so many more. In this manner, Jeep has launched My Jeep Story, a stage for owners to tell the world regarding the extraordinary bond they share with their Jeep SUVs and the lives they live with it. Lifestyles that are one of a kind to every owner and fueled by their machines. Stories that better describes the real Jeep life.

After helping individuals over the world make the most of their adventures, Jeep has brought a story that is both personal to the owner but then echoes a feeling that it is close to each nature lover. The story of repaying one’s obligation to Mother Nature. Jeep’s most recent film follows Kartick Satyanarayan, the co-founder of Wildlife SOS, an NGO that saves and rehabilitates all danger, wild creatures.  Kartick’s life rotates around heading into the big and darkest forests in his Wrangler to look, search rescues and preserve India’s rich legacy

Rahul Pansare, CMO & Head PR- FCA of India Automobiles, shared his perspectives on the film. “My Jeep Story was made to celebrate the real stories of Jeep owners who carry on with a real existence that motivates many in an exceptional and extraordinary way. These are individuals who have trust in freedom and who carry on with a remarkable Jeep Life– a series of adventures, passion, and achievements.  Since toward the day’s end, you don’t simply drive a Jeep, you drive a unique way of life. Also, we are very pleased with the life experiences built by Kartick and Wildlife SOS. The group has worked superbly in catching Kartick’s story and his respectable commitment towards Mother Nature.

The film was written as a team with Kartick, in his own words, recorded in his voice, and shot at Wildlife SOS’Care and Conservation locations.


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