JioFiber to make your TV smart, shows the new ad campaign


The all-new JioFiber is to make your TV as smart. The JioFiber offers various options and features to enjoy watching movies, shows and sports. The new advertisement clearly defines about the JioFiber and the services. The JioFiber pack cost starts at Rs.999 per month.

 The company lays out its various deals, such as a common access point to over 10 OTT applications, a 4K set-top box that allows you to watch online content on your ‘non-smart TV,’ voice search for your favourite entertainment choices, and high-quality video calling. For some reason, it also makes sure you dumb it down in the advertisement.

JioFiber is a broadband service which was launched in 2019. This is what the website states; it is the technology for the future. It provides the best broadband interface to browse; stream, play and work…beat the rest due to its ultra-fast upload and download rates, and run effectively in just ‘milliseconds.’ Imagine a high-speed private Internet highway right within your house.

The advertisement focuses mostly on one element – the ability to stream OTT content on a non-smart television with a set-top box which is a feature of JioFiber’s bid. But this isn’t unique. For instance, the new Airtel Xstream package has similar features.

If you use a broadband service and a set-top box to make your TV ‘smart,’ would it adversely affect the selling of smart TVs? It will influence the need to move to a smart TV, the ad will also realize the customers that the smart TV is not needed anymore, states Viren Razdan, Brand’s managing director at Brand-nomics.

Razdan states that the JioFiber aims at the market of people who bought a (non-smart) TV 5-6 years earlier and are now looking to replace. There are a lot of people who fall into this category, and Jio has junked the whole idea of converting to a smart TV technology-driven.

The reality that JioFiber not only allows you to stream content online but also to watch daily TV channels presents a new challenge for DTH providers. To this, Razdan says that the policy of Reliance (the parent company of JioFiber) is to ‘massify’ and democratise every part of the segment it joins, and to demand a recalibration of the price-value equation. ” Some have to obey since these value-added services can ultimately just be so many.”


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