JSW Paints releases first TVC: ‘Har Rang Har Kisi Ka’


Last year (2019), the JSW Group first forayed into India’s paint market. The nation has experienced a lockdown, a contraction, and a life-threatening (Coronavirus) pandemic from then until now. JSW Paints has launched its first TVC as the nation continues to open it.

The TVC features a number of colours, a number of backgrounds (we assume) for the young, a newly-wed couple and a monologue that plays out as a voice-over, praising India’s various colours. Govind Pandey’s team at TBWA\India developed it.

A S Sundaresan, JSW Paints’ joint MD and CEO, says the primary aim was to introduce the company on the market in a major way. The central premise was that aesthetics and elegance were more about painting. We have decided to stress that the colours are available for the same price (different shades). “The entire idea of the TVC was to demonstrate the democratisation of colour and to make the hue spectrum more available,” he says.

He adds that the line ‘Har Rang Har Kisi Ka’ emerged from the agency, and in the TVC they decided to emphasise India’s colours. He also mentions that, based on the kind of stories they worked on in their films, the brand ambassadors and Bollywood stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Alia Bhatt were picked.

We tried to depict the brand as young, but our TG is all about everyone (between the ages of 25 and 50) looking to paint their homes. Mostly it’s couples who look at their homes trying to make up (renovating). The key thing is that we have deliberately steered away from using category codes, such as showing a home, drawing, etc. As a forum that is an active part of the company’s media mix strategies, Sundaresan references OTT. During the Indian Premier League (IPL), the company also seeks to advertise. The majority of the ad was taken prior to the lockdown. People are paranoid right now about inviting painters into their homes.

The sector is inside the current average at 50-60 percent of its pre-Corona rate. Coronavirus didn’t give this business a haircut, it gave it a crew cut,” he laughs.

Since people are bored at home, in the new normal, the pattern of DIY paintings may also emerge. In countries such as the US, and even in Europe, it is still prevalent. We want to represent that, even though you do it yourself, using our goods would always give it a professional look and finish. We want to help pull out the imagination of people, even though they’re within,’ he concludes.


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