KPMG invests $30M for employee training


Accounting firm KPMG has announced opening a “metaverse cooperation centre” in the United States and Canada. Research on growth potential in various industries and interactions between businesses, customers, and communities will be done here. Instead, the $30 million in Web3 experiences this year will go toward creating a central centre for the metaverse. Both companies have opted to build a collaboration centre to assist their employees and customers in shifting to the Web 3.0 era. Both companies have staff dedicated to helping clients develop and implement their metaverse strategy.

Ms Laura Newinski, US Deputy Chair and COO of KPMG, noted that the metaverse presents a market potential and an avenue for re-engaging and connecting people worldwide through a new collaborative experience. With new technology, the “metaverse” aspires to connect people from around the world. The unique understanding of the collaboration centre “will tap into our team members’ and customers’ creativity and passion, which will speed up our innovation process” (source).

As of late, KPMG Canada has added Ethereum and Bitcoin to its corporate cash reserves. The onboarding procedure at KPMG includes NFT and cryptography training for new employees. Recently, KPMG Canada’s corporate treasury has integrated Ethereum and Bitcoin. Both companies are now utilising Chain Fusion, a technology developed in-house to assist organisations in the financial services, fintech, and native cryptocurrency industries in providing audit services.

As part of their innovation strategy, the companies plan to collaborate on developing new tools and solutions that will provide critical insights, launch immersive learning and development platforms, recruit experts to lend their knowledge, and assist in navigating the evolving convergence of the physical and digital world.

We may now experience the “Phygital” world, which Armughan Ahmad, president and managing partner of KPMG’s digital practice in Canada, describes as the “collision of the physical and digital worlds.”

By 2030, the metaverse will have a $13 trillion market opportunity and be home to up to 5 billion people. A three-dimensional metaverse will be introduced to our employees, consumers, and communities. Enhanced degrees of social interaction, mobility, and cooperation will be made feasible due to the revamped system. It’s not impossible to envision a world free of boundaries, one in which we’d have an endless supply of new chances for employment, education, and recreation. There is the possibility for the universe to “Ahmed made a point of connecting it all.”

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