Lakshadweep attains 100% vaccination for Children


According to the latest reports, Lakshadweep is the first among the other states and union territories to attain full vaccination of the first dose for the children age group between 15-18.

The Indian government has decided to start the vaccination for children between the age group of 15-18 from January first week of 2022. Despite the amid of the spike of the third wave of covid, the government decided to ensure the safety of the children.

The reports also claim that the third spike of the covid wave mainly affects the children and the young age group, so the government made the move to instill the first dose on the children in the nation.

The registration of the vaccination slots remains the same for children also. They can either book their slot by the Cowin app or by using the Arogya Setu app and choose paid or unpaid according to their comfort zone and nearby hospitals will be allocated as their vaccination centers.

The vaccination for children started on January 3, 2022, and the government of Lakshadweep was able to cover the first dose of vaccination in the children within two weeks ensuring safety and following the protocols.

Around 3,492 children took the first dose of vaccination within a week in Lakshwadeep and the district collector and secretary were delighted to share this news with the media as they can commence the offline classes for the children who have taken the first dose of vaccination.

The vaccination drives were kept through hospital centers, schools, polytechnic clinics, and various other ways avoiding the overcrowding of the people and maintaining social distancing as a key factor to stop the spike of the third wave.

Various other campaigns which got organized in the state also supported the same cause and gave a hand in ensuring the safety of their state and people amid the Omicron surge.

Lakshadweep was also the first state among the UT’s who have achieved 100% vaccination for health workers, frontline workers, police, and age group above 18 years. In this case, they have covered the complete vaccination of the people. 

The Union Ministry of Health and Welfare gave ample quantity of the Covaxin to the state to ensure that all the children get vaccinated with the first dose.

The state also started to give boosters from January 11, 2022, for health workers, frontline workers, and police who are providing a huge hand in ensuring the safety of the state amid the covid surge.

The state is also following the rule and regulations initiated by the government to control the number of cases in India as well as to reduce the spike of the Omicron surge such as wearing masks, sanitizing frequently, and also maintaining social distancing.

The state has requested the public to cooperate with them as implementing a lockdown again will destroy the economy and it’s not possible. 

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