WhatsApp and Verloop collaborates to automate customer service


WhatsApp gets Verloop.io onboard for customer support automation, as it’s business solution provider (BSP).  

Verloop.io is one of the leading customer service automation services in the world.    

This conversational AI platform will enable businesses to tap into all-new touchpoints of a buyer’s buying process with the platform.  

It will remove any barriers and ensure better conversations and customer satisfaction.  

Through WhatsApp chatbots on WhatsApp Business accounts, Verloop.io will assist businesses in connecting with millions of customers.  

WhatsApp has a monthly active user base of over 2 billion users from 180 different countries.  

According to Verloop’s data, over 65% of customers say WhatsApp is the easiest way to communicate with a brand and resolve queries.  

Customers can communicate and solve data-driven problems in real and without human involvement using WhatsApp chat, which is available 24×7.  

While the complicated customer concerns are automatically sent to live agents for more empathetic responses.  

This helps businesses to grow their support without having to worry about Operational Expenses while also improving their Customer Experience.   

Verloop.io claims to be the market leader in Conversational AI and has been developing NLP super bots that are driven by AI.  

Only 60% of client inquiries can be handled by bots without the assistance of a human call center agent at the moment.  

Furthermore, these super bots may serve clients from various sectors and can communicate in 14 languages including Hindi, Arabic, Konkani, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.  

Verloop.io’s Founder and CEO, Gaurav Singh stated, “Given today’s situation and how the epidemic has changed user behavior, brands must now find ways to apply AI-based solutions for ensuring they are delivering delightful support experiences.”  

WhatsApp is a big messaging service with extensive use that allows companies of all kinds to easily communicate with their customers.  

With this collaboration, Verloop.io’s machine learning automation will be combined with WhatsApp Business API’s strength.  

It will provide brands with an end-to-end solution for developing and enhancing their customer experiences.  

They hope to assist more than 2000 businesses with conversational automation as the next generation of consumer-to-brand communication offerings.   

As it is one of the select official WhatsApp Business service providers globally, he further added. 

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