Lay’s & AI-Bot – Ready to Snack?


Have you heard of robots that help you to relax more when you are already relaxing by snacking away?! The COVID pandemic and work-from-home/study-from-home have given most of us some ‘extravagant’ extra time out of our daily routines for binge-watching and endless snacking. But there has always been a catch to our therapy of snacking- crunchy munchies make it difficult to hear the audio!

Robots and snacking

The solution for this particular dilemma until very recently was either pausing the video to finish snacking or keeping the food aside or by simply increasing and decreasing the volume levels according to the variations in your chomping pattern. Cumbersome isn’t it? It’s time to forget the troubles; now, there is a Chrome extension that will automatically turn on YouTube subtitles when it detects the crunching sound, by Lay’s.

This bot is designed by Bliss Interactive, a Vietnam-based design studio, and Happiness Saigon, the ad agency that represents Lay’s. Lay’s has been surging up the market scales with tremendous sales of its products while millions of people were quarantined at home, fighting the pandemic. Although this is no issue at all, it is indeed a convenience if there’s a solution to it.

Here’s how it works!

It has been reported that the extension was created by recording a whopping 178 hours of people from around the world munching on potato chips, and this data was used to train an artificial intelligence program using machine learning techniques. When the extension is installed and given access to a Chrome tab that has a YouTube video playing, the extension will turn the subtitles/closed captioning (CC) on, automatically, if available. This simply implies, no more reaching for the keypad or a mouse with greasy hands and no more mess.

Although it sounds too simple, the AI bot will only work if your device’s microphone picks up the crunching sound while you snack. This type of AI-powered bot is definitely a leap forward for technology. It is aiming to solve a common problem and hence throws light on simple possibilities for easing small aspects of our lives. This extension is named ‘Lay’s Crispy Subtitles’ and it’s up for downloads on the Chrome Web Store. So why wait? Simply download and enjoy a relaxed crunch-time!

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