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From the age-old Facebook to the new entry Aarogya Setu app, all support with trading data. Industry experts say that giving no-cost personal information of millions and countless users could also be the way these organizations/apps earn money, without the customer coming to understand to grasp about it.

Having said that, nowadays to use most apps, we’d prefer to feed our personal information, additionally giving access to our data. Aiisma is an India born data marketplace that rewards users for consensually trading their data via the Aiisma App. The location sharing and health mapping features are used for effective contact tracing, which has been the strongest aid in fighting COVID-19 thus far. The insights gathered by the Aiisma ecosystem naturally create a digital fence against the COVID-19 spread, supporting citizens and authorities within the fight against the virus.

In light of this COVID-19 situation, Aiisma has also expedited the discharge of AiiHealth, a health mapping feature for people, to manually enter, monitor, and share health-related insights. In combination with the geo-location sharing feature the increased, yet unnamed, use of the app will enable health authorities with pro-active measurements, identifying the geographical and demographical spread of the virus because of sudden changes within the data pool or prior contact with now a positive patient. 

How does it benefit users?

As a user, one benefit you will get is being compensated for data that you already are sharing with all the varied applications on your devices. Gradually, you’ll also participate in the app’s surveys, connect friends to the network, assess new products, etc. and earn special discounts and further rewards.

The app focuses on returning the facility of knowledge to users. The Aiisma data marketplace rewards its users for sharing their data with businesses in need of structured, real-time, and legal data to reinforce services, products, and growth. Most of the information collected by this app is unnamed and doesn’t seem to be collected without the user’s clear consent.

How does the app work?

 • Start with registration, which asks for basic contact information and demographic information.

 • Once the user has verified the contact details they can activate data streams like contacts, geo-location, browser behavior, etc. as they share with applications on their device. 

• The customer starts receiving the apps (internal rewards currency) within 24 hours of them activating data streams.

 • While the information stream rewards are standard, the customer can earn extra rewards by filling in their daily vitals, etc.

There are options like rewards associated with payments, advertisements the user watches, surveys they participate in, etc. After accumulating 5,000 internal rewards currency, the user can redeem this for Amazon vouchers, a credit on to their bank accounts.


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