AppsFlyer and Facebook Audience Network Launch First-to-Market Campaign-Level In-App Advertising Measurement


AppsFlyer, the global attribution leader, helps the marketers to grow their business by taking corrective decisions. It helps them by providing comprehensive measurement and analytics solutions. It is currently associated with 12000+ brands and 6000+ technology partners to do a customer-centric approach.

AppsFlyer along with the Facebook Audience Network  declared a first-to-market partnership that brings campaign level IAA ROAS (return on advertising spend) measurement solution to gaming app developers.

This measurement solution will provide the tools to acquire quality users, understand the ideal experience for those users, and ensure long-term engagement and revenue to the app developers.

With the help of this solution, the app developers will be able to optimize their acquisition strategy, optimize their user acquisition strategy, improving ROAS and LTV accuracy.

Earlier, the gaming marketers faced many difficulties to make effective decisions on user acquisition campaigns, because of the inaccurate data which was calculated based on averages.  Now, Facebook’s API (Application Programming Interface) provides accurate measurements of the monetization revenue generated by a specific group of users.

The gaming market had constant growth within the past few years. In this lockdown, the user’s gaming consumption has been increased rapidly. For the developers, greater transparency into in-app revenue is becoming essential for gaming optimization success. AppsFlyer will help to incorporate the monetization network, the user acquisition channel, and the mobile attribution data.

Mat Harris, Director of Product Management, Facebook Audience Network said, “Our new campaign-level measurement solution fulfills a critical gap in the market by helping marketers on our platform truly understand if their return on ad spend is both accurate and profitable. With measurement being the precursor to optimization, together with AppsFlyer, we’ve taken the initiative to create a product that helps game marketers and publishers understand the effectiveness of ad campaigns they run on the Audience Network platform. We’re committed to helping game developers build sustainable businesses and this represents another opportunity to provide them with accurate, granular insight and the right tool to grow and improve their business.” By this innovative solution, the gaming developers will get an exact, more holistic, and complete picture of a user’s ROI.


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